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Nutrition Primer


Nutrition Primer

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Is it time to get a handle on your food and nutrition? We'll finally the New Persona Nutrition Primer is here. Created by Femi Doyle-Marshall to streamline all your nutrition goals find the tools to use to make an impact on your health and fitness results. Everything between the line in this book was written to fast track your results.

Tired of getting lost in the kitchen looking at menus and macros. Simplify your life with the ultimate resource for what you need to know to make super packed fat shredding muscle building meals that fit your ideal diet.

Some of the best results can be found through guidance.

This is a digital downloadable book.

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What's also included:

  • Meal template examples

  • Macro nutrient break down charts

  • Daily intake systems

  • And Much, Much, More...

Your transformation is one click away!

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